“Thank you, I for one, truly appreciate the hard work you guys do for my daughter and all the service users in this time of great uncertainty. I salute every one of you.”

“I just wanted to say how amazing the staff have been at Marika House, helping to keep all the anxieties on a low level, and supporting my son above and beyond...they are a credit to the company!”

“Thank you once again for the incredible work all the teams are continuing to do through these stressful times, my admiration for all of you holds no bounds looking after our loved ones.”

“The dedication of all team members is humbling, and everyone is in my thoughts. We feel so safe and secure in the knowledge that our son’s wellbeing and safety is at the forefront of all you do.”

“You have no idea how much it means to me to know just how much my son is being looked after and that he really does continue to be part of such a tremendous family. I am aware that you all just ‘do your job’ however please pass on that none of the team should ever underestimate just how much you do, and care really matters!”

“We all feel as a team that the staff we have met need to be copied and placed in other services as role models as they are simply outstanding! They show they have good leadership and trust from the managers in order to achieve this.”