Runner Bean Walls and Feta Cheese Salad at Sansa House

Everyone living at Sansa House has made super progress with the sensory garden – and they’ve even started serving meals from the raised beds. After spending time planting out the beds, we’re being rewarded with beautiful colours, delicious scents and tasty treats. Just two weeks after planting, we’ve already harvested some of the spinach. It went into a truly delicious …

Sansa House Open

Sansa House was opening in April 2013 and is Liaise Loddon’s 9th house in Hampshire. From the old, tired building, we have created a modern, extensive 5 person unit, with each person have a large bedroom, personal living room and ensuites, along with shared dining room, activity room and two gardens. And now, in October, the home is full!

Sansa House – Update

We are moving on really well with our refurbishment of Sansa House. From an old 10 bedded unit, we are creating a modern spacious 5 bed house. Walls have been knocked down and moved, en-suites in each room and three large common rooms. We are all really excited with the progress of this new house!

New Home for Liaise Loddon

We have just purchased a new house in Basingstoke which we will be developing into a new home for 5 individuals. The house was previously used as a care home for 10 people but we will be converting it into 5 spacious units along with several communal areas over the next 6 months or so. We are all really excited …