We continue to grow

Last year we excelled in our CQC inspections with 3 of our homes receiving ratings placing us in the top 6% of homes in the country.  Not content to rest on our laurels, we have opened a brand-new service in Tadley (near Basingstoke).

The building has been undergoing significant renovation work since Summer 2017, transforming the ex-NHS day centre into 6 fantastic self-contained apartments as well as a large communal kitchen and dining room, and a staff room.  Each boasts plenty of space as well as many innovative solutions to issues often faced by providers supporting people with Autism and Learning Disabilities.

A competition was held amongst our co-workers to name the new home and the winner – Albertinah Malambo – was chosen by the Chair of Directors, Marion Cornick MBE and Area Manager, Paul Smithson.  The name that Albertinah suggested for the home was Karibu (Swahili for ‘welcome’) Place.

With Karibu Place’s opening, we have expanded the total number of people we support from 43 to 49, and of course the highly-skilled teams who work with them, which, in addition to day and night support workers, will mean we will need senior staff as well.

This will mean we will increase the number of people we employ to around 280 across Basingstoke and Romsey. Most of these are skilled support workers and specialists in supporting people with learning disabilities and autism.

If you would like to make a referral for one of these self-contained apartments, please get in touch here

If you are interested in working at Liaise supporting the very special individuals who live in our homes, check our Facebook page and website recruitment pages.  We pride ourselves on offering extensive training to ensure our co-workers can carry out our roles confidently.

The new homes at Oakley are currently being modernised and updated to the high level standards that we expect in all of our homes

5 Kennet5 Kennet rear

They are smaller than normal homes and are bungalows ideal for one or two people depending on needs.

We were told about them by Dave and Andy, our usual builders, and one of the attractions was that they are adjacent to each other and it is rare that the opportunity to purchase two properties like this arises.

The other attraction was that one was empty and the other had a tenant whose lease was ending and so this made the purchasing process easier – although it never seems to be as smooth as you think it should be.

Almost inevitably though any new property requires some alteration and refurbishment to bring it up to the standard to give the right environment for the people who will be living there. Windows often do not meet the required safety standard and the kitchen, flooring, heating and electrics need improving. For these properties we are replacing windows and doors, kitchens and boilers.

In one, we are installing a second bathroom which meant altering drainage to suit. Both will also have nearly all new flooring too. The windows will have integral blinds to give better privacy and remove the need for curtains.

We need to make the properties safe and installing fire doors and smoke detectors even though the properties will be staffed 24 hours per day.

We are also making improvements to the boundary fencing to improve security, so that the individuals living there can safely use the garden unaccompanied, and give some additional privacy. Initially there will be a low fence between the two rear gardens but in time we hope to be able to remove this to open the space up and provide a good area for everyone to get outside and share the space.

Both properties have garages and one is being converted to an office and the other a laundry room. There is on-site parking for both properties and with adequate other parking facilities nearby if required.

Fortunately we have already secured agreement for two new people to come to and live in these properties and hope to secure a third soon which would mean we will have filled the available places ahead of them being ready.

One person is going to have one of the bungalows to themselves so that they can have the space that they need to have a great live with us at Liaise. We are already starting the transition process for one of their new neighbours.

These new properties are being managed by Andy Key, who currently manages Baytrees, and recruitment is underway to have staff in place for when new people move in.

We are in the process of purchasing another property near Southampton and there will be more on that in the future.

Liaise is Growing!

This is going to be an exciting year for Liaise.

At the end of the year, we bought two adjacent bungalows in Oakley, Basingstoke and we are now in the process of converting them for 3 or 4 individuals. 5 Kennet
It will take us a couple of months, along with obtaining registration from CQC.
Alongside expanding the total number of people we support from 39 to 43, we will of course, be growing our dedicated and skilled workforce.

All of the people we support need one to one care during the day and waking night staff, it means that to support one person, we need to employ a minimum of 4.5 people – often more! So, for a 4 person home, that up to 20 new co-workers.

Some of these will be day support workers, some of them will be people to work at night. We will need to add in new senior staff for the home along with support staff.

5 Kennet gardenSo, with these new homes, we will be employing nearly 250 people locally in Basingstoke and Romsey. Most of these are care workers and specialists in supporting people with learning disabilities and autism.

However, with an organisation with this many people, we need to also have good “back office” people providing support in recruitment, learning and development, training, finance, payroll, health & safety, IT management, business planning, communications and many others things that are essential to keep organisations going (and moving forwards).
For referrals for these new small, personalised placements, please get in touch with us here

And if you are interested in working at Liaise as we continue to grow, keep an eye on our Facebook page and our website recruitment pages.

5 Kennet rear

Moving Forwards

Despite the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement, which has not done anything to plug the funding gaps in the generally rather precarious social care sector, we are still moving onwards and upwards!

So, this week, we are completing on two new homes in Basingstoke. They are two neighbouring bungalows, each suitable for 1 or 2 individuals.

Kennet Way 5 Kennet way

With these properties, we are continuing our move to provide even more personalised home environments for those people we support.

Shortly, we will begin refurbishing these two properties around the needs of the individuals moving in. It our plan to have them both open by April 2016 – sooner if possible!

And Marika 3 is getting close to its finish as well. This 1 person unit in the grounds of Marika has been specifically designed around the needs of one individual who is looking forward to spending Christmas in their own, new home.

With these new units, comes all of the other activities within the Company, as we grow to support another four people.

So, the HR team and Care Management Team are working together to recruit and train more co-workers, both support workers and unit leaders, making sure that we have yet more great co-workers across the organisation, both in Romsey and Basingstoke – checkout our recruitment pages for more information over the next few months.


Our ever diligent maintenance team will have yet more locations in which to provide support to make sure that the environments are working as they should.

Experienced managers are working together to manage new referrals, conduct in-depth assessments, develop clear proposals and possible transition plans. Please contact us if you would like to find out more about any vacancies across the organisation.

We are looking forward to a great 2016 within Liaise – and have another few projects in the pipeline that we hope to share with you next year!

Exciting Times!

We have a few busy weeks ahead of us and then a busy year!

The Loddon Conference

Loddon Training and ConsultancyThis week, I am running a workshop at The Loddon Training and Consultancy Annual Conference on Promoting Wellbeing. Presenting isn’t one of my favourite things to do, but how could I resist talking about the work that we are starting to do at Liaise on Mindfulness!

PROACT-SCIPr-UK(r) instructors come from across the country to  listen to renowned speakers sharing new ideas and recent research.

This is a great opportunity for our many instructors to network with other professionals within our sector, sharing the work that we are doing and getting new ideas of how to continue to provide increasingly personalised support.
Liaise 20th

Annual Awards Evening

Next week, we have our annual co-worker awards evening. This is a great time to celebrate the hard work and dedication of everyone who works are Liaise Loddon. This year, we are also celebrating the organisation’s 20th birthday! Watch out for pictures and check out our twitter feed for (hopefully) some live updates on the night.

Another visit to Zambia

IMG_0136And then, the week after that, Marion is heading back over to Zambia to continue the work sharing good practice with the teachers at UTH Special School in Lusaka.

Because of the great successes that they have had, the staff at the school are arrange a conference to share information with others and the Ministry of Education is now interested!

Watch out for an update from Marion later on in November.

New Homes!

We have our new single person service, Marika 3, being built and everything is all to plan and we are aiming for a Christmas opening.

Also, we have now made offers on some new houses. It is our aim to be able to support another 3 or 4 individuals in Basingstoke by April 2016 and then another 4 in the Romsey area a few months later. We are so excited to talk about this, but really should wait until all the legal stuff is in place.

We will be looking to recruit new co-workers in a range of roles in both Basingstoke and Romsey area. Please contact us if you want to find out more – you can register on our recruitment page to get updates on new positions as they come up.

Keep in Touch

So, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, check back on our blogs – it is going to be an really exciting time at Liaise!

Deborah Cornick, Managing Director


From Old Garage To Self-Contained Unit

When a new person comes to Liaise to live with us, we work really hard to create a space tailored specifically to their needs. Somewhere just for the individual; somewhere personal.

This isn’t always the easiest project, because we have to work within existing buildings and rooms.

So we were delighted when we got planning permission to convert the old double garage at Marika House into a brand-new single-person unit.

We started work straight away, and we’re hoping to have it completed within a few months.

Here’s what it looked like before:

The interior of the old garage, looking at the double doors The exterior back of the old double garage The front of the old double garage at Marika HouseSome old junk inside the double garage before work started

Things are moving on pretty quickly, though – take a a look at the work so far:

Scaffolding on the old double garage The old double garage is reduced to a shell with no roof

We’ll keep you updated on the blog – and let you know how the new person gets on!

Sansa House Open

Sansa House was opening in April 2013 and is Liaise Loddon’s 9th house in Hampshire. From the old, tired building, we have created a modern, extensive 5 person unit, with each person have a large bedroom, personal living room and ensuites, along with shared dining room, activity room and two gardens.

And now, in October, the home is full!

Sansa House – Update

We are moving on really well with our refurbishment of Sansa House. From an old 10 bedded unit, we are creating a modern spacious 5 bed house. Walls have been knocked down and moved, en-suites in each room and three large common rooms.

We are all really excited with the progress of this new house!

New Home for Liaise Loddon

We have just purchased a new house in Basingstoke which we will be developing into a new home for 5 individuals. The house was previously used as a care home for 10 people but we will be converting it into 5 spacious units along with several communal areas over the next 6 months or so.

We are all really excited by this new project, which will continue to grow the Company so that we will be able to support 38 individuals in Hampshire with complex needs.

If you would like to find out more, please contact us.

Marika House (formally The New Forge)

Work is going well on our new house in Romsey, with the builders who worked throughout the Christmas period – even in the snow! The work is on schedule for the end of this month. For more information about this exciting new home click here or contact us.