Exciting Times!

We have a few busy weeks ahead of us and then a busy year!

The Loddon Conference

Loddon Training and ConsultancyThis week, I am running a workshop at The Loddon Training and Consultancy Annual Conference on Promoting Wellbeing. Presenting isn’t one of my favourite things to do, but how could I resist talking about the work that we are starting to do at Liaise on Mindfulness!

PROACT-SCIPr-UK(r) instructors come from across the country to  listen to renowned speakers sharing new ideas and recent research.

This is a great opportunity for our many instructors to network with other professionals within our sector, sharing the work that we are doing and getting new ideas of how to continue to provide increasingly personalised support.
Liaise 20th

Annual Awards Evening

Next week, we have our annual co-worker awards evening. This is a great time to celebrate the hard work and dedication of everyone who works are Liaise Loddon. This year, we are also celebrating the organisation’s 20th birthday! Watch out for pictures and check out our twitter feed for (hopefully) some live updates on the night.

Another visit to Zambia

IMG_0136And then, the week after that, Marion is heading back over to Zambia to continue the work sharing good practice with the teachers at UTH Special School in Lusaka.

Because of the great successes that they have had, the staff at the school are arrange a conference to share information with others and the Ministry of Education is now interested!

Watch out for an update from Marion later on in November.

New Homes!

We have our new single person service, Marika 3, being built and everything is all to plan and we are aiming for a Christmas opening.

Also, we have now made offers on some new houses. It is our aim to be able to support another 3 or 4 individuals in Basingstoke by April 2016 and then another 4 in the Romsey area a few months later. We are so excited to talk about this, but really should wait until all the legal stuff is in place.

We will be looking to recruit new co-workers in a range of roles in both Basingstoke and Romsey area. Please contact us if you want to find out more – you can register on our recruitment page to get updates on new positions as they come up.

Keep in Touch

So, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, check back on our blogs – it is going to be an really exciting time at Liaise!

Deborah Cornick, Managing Director


Research Autism: Beyond The Sacred Classroom

Marion CornickMarion, our managing director and founder, is speaking at a Research Autism conference in London on July 1.

This is a real privilege for Marion and for Liaise Loddon. Research Autism asked Marion to speak for them because of her brilliant early career working with children – which has led to her amazing work with Liaise Loddon and the Loddon School.

Marion worked to create curriculums that enable children with autism to develop crucial life skills as they become young adults.

An audience of parents and autism professionals will listen to Marion talk. Her presentation, Beyond the Sacred Classroom, will cover her pioneering work with the Loddon School and her much-needed move into working with young adults with autism at Liaise Loddon.

The Loddon School’s curriculum focuses on learning outside the classroom in a natural setting, where children can practise their skills in real life. We’ve found that children who resist learning in the traditional classroom discover that learning can be rewarding and fun – not threatening.

Most of the children at the Loddon School have struggled with the very idea of a classroom, or have spent most of their time outside it, because of their disruptive behaviour. Marion’s approach is to find a way to help children learn that suits them. After all, their disruptive behaviour isn’t down to them being ‘naughty’, it’s their way of showing they can’t cope with traditional learning. The Liaise Loddon and Loddon School way is a huge positive step for children and young adults with autism towards real learning for life.

You’ll be able to read more about Marion’s presentation next month.

Congratulations! Marion and Michael got married

Our founder and director, Marion Cornick, got married to Michael at the end of April – and they had a wonderful day.

Marion and Michael cut their wedding cake

Congratulations Marion and Michael!

There was dancing… there was wine… and there was lots of love and laughter.

She and Michael had everything they needed for their home, so they decided to ask anyone who wanted to give them a gift to make a donation instead.

You may not know that as well as founding the Loddon School and running Liaise Loddon, Marion also supports a school in Zambia. There are 150 children with serious special needs, most of whom have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS.

The school lacks even the most basic resources. Children arrive hungry, and stay hungry because there’s no food at the school. There are no art materials, no games, no music and no phone. Power is sketchy.

Marion took a team out there in 2012 and trained the teachers in special education. The team also painted classrooms, took toys and equipment and set up a library. The tiniest things, like a rug or a toothbrush, make a huge difference.

The team goes over two or three times a year to work with the children, their teachers and their parents.

To celebrate their wedding, Marion and Michael would like to raise enough money to replace the rickety old school bus. Designed to carry 15, it usually carries many more – sometimes up to 49.

If you think you can spare a few pounds, please visit Marion’s JustGiving page. Your donation will be put to very good use.

Marion and Michael would like to thank everyone who has donated – as well as the money raised on the JustGiving page, they raised a considerable amount during their wedding celebration.

We’ll update you soon about how they’re spending the money.

But in the meantime, if you could help, we – and the children in Zambia – will be very grateful. Thank you!

Supporting Disabled Children in Zambia

In association with The Rotary Club of Basingstoke Deane, Liaise Loddon are planning to support a school in Lusaka, Zambia. It is our aim to help the school there for disabled children – bring them something of the Liaise Loddon and Loddon School philosophy and approaches.

We recently entertained Dr Ravi Paul from Zambia as a result of our connection with Dr. David Percy who has been a school trustee. David works as an adviser to THET (Tropical Health and Education Trust) and Ravi is the only psychiatrist in Zambia where there are 13.2 million people. Ravi was very excited by the work in the school and in Liaise and wants to develop the school in Lusaka using the same positive supports individualised philosophy.

We want to do the work so it does make a difference – so Marion is currently in Zambia to see the school and the scope of the training we need to give to help them. This will be similar to the work that the Loddon School has been doing in Romania and Azerbaijan for many years.

An exciting challenge to support children who really need something better. We will send more information as we make progress and want it to be a real success story in a very poor part of the world.

Marion recognised on the WRVS Gold Age Power List

Marion Cornick, Managing Director of Liaise Loddon, Founder & Chair of Trustees of the Loddon School and President of Basingstoke Deane Rotary Club has been recognised as a Local Hero on the WRVS Gold Age Power List.

The WRVS Gold Age Power List is recognition of the people who are making extraordinary achievements and inspirational contributions in the later decades of their lives. The list celebrates 66 people over 66 from the worlds of arts, sports and adventure, science, public service and business. It also recognises local volunteers who continue to make invaluable contributions in their local communities every day.

This list includes a many very influential people such as The Queen, Delia Smith CBE, Lord Robert Winston, Sir Tom Stoppard, Germaine Greer, Dame Shirley Williams, Michael Palin, Sir Bobby Charlton and Sir Paul McCartney. It is an honour to see her name alongside them.

We are all extremely proud of her achievements and it is fantastic to see her recognised for all the work that she has done over the years and continues to do supporting children and adults with autism along with their families and also for the time and energy that she puts into the Basingstoke Deane Rotary Club and as joint Chair of the Basingstoke Disability Forum.

Well Done Marion!

Loddon School Logo

Planning Permission for Change of Use of Our Basingstoke homes

Some of you may know that last year Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council planning department decided that we needed to apply for planning permission for change of use of our homes to ‘Residential Institutions’. This is because of some recent case law that has changed what planning class our homes may be in. The law is still rather vague in this area, with different local authorities making different decisions. However, we are pleased to say that all of our homes now have the planning permission as required by Basingstoke & Deane.

Unfortunately, Homelands, a home owned by The Loddon School also had to apply for planning permission, but their application was denied, despite the house being used for 13 out of the last 17 years as a children’s home. The School will be appealing this decision and The Loddon School will not see the children homeless but will ensure they are living together whatever the outcome. A facebook cause has been set up to show support for these 4 children who will have to find somewhere else to live. Click here to join the cause.