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Ordinary houses. Extraordinary homes


The people we support live in our nine homes in Basingstoke and Romsey, Hampshire. The houses are small by design – we’ve found that smaller is better when it comes to supporting individuals with autism and severe learning disabilities.

We can provide better-tailored care around the clock and make sure our activity programmes suit everyone as individuals. It’s easier to create environments that people with specific learning disabilities enjoy. And it helps our people to feel more secure.

Each home becomes a self-contained, close-knit micro-community. The people we support create a unique culture, building lasting relationships with each other and their carers.

If you come to visit, you’ll find our homes provide a safe, happy, comfortable and stimulating environment. The people we support stay for the long-term and enjoy a high quality of life. We help our people to develop life skills, cope with daily challenges and get involved in their community.

When we’re not at home there’s plenty to do elsewhere, with visits to the beach, horse-riding and shopping trips.

Safe, happy, comfortable: everything we need

Imagine student accommodation – but much cleaner and tidier. That’s what a Liaise Loddon home is like. Each person has their own private bedroom and everyone shares a kitchen, living room and garden. All our homes have at least two bathrooms and in our newer homes, everyone has an en-suite or personal bathroom.

The people we support have complete control over their rooms: some leave them uncluttered, while others stamp their personalities firmly on their space.


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Our Extraordinary homes

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