Cathie Wyatt – Director of Care

Get in touch with Cathie on 01256 812663

In 1989 I visited the Loddon School for the first time, travelling nearly 200 miles to see a pupil who had moved there from the school I was working at. I spent the day in this amazing building and watched staff working with children with severe learning disabilities and autism in a way I’d never experienced before.


Henrik Holgersen – Positive Support Director

Get in touch with Henrik on 01256 812663

I am the Positive Support Director for Liaise Loddon Ltd. Having come to England in 1990 to work at the Loddon School for a year in order to gain experience and improve my English, my intention was to return to Denmark to continue my education. However, I find that thirty years later I am still happily here and my one year’s work experience has become my long term career.


Tracy Underwood – Director of People Development & Engagement

Get in touch with Tracy on 01256 812663

I am delighted to return to Liaise Loddon as Director of People Development & Engagement having worked for the company as HR Manager here between 2004 and 2007.

Management team

Head Office Management Team

We have a small, dedicated team of professionals at our Head Office who provide Training, HR, Business Administration and Finance support for the whole of the organisation.

Chief Executive Officer


Operational Team

  • Robert Dalrymple

    Chief Operating Officer

    01903 232 446

  • Mike Evans

    Interim Operations Director

  • Alexandra Moldrzykova

    Operations Manager

  • Russell Day

    Head of Quality and Performance

  • Aga Zurecka

    Mental Health & Capacity Act Lead

      Finance Team

      • Connie Salmon

        Financial Director


      Business Development

      • Mark Horton

        Head of Sales and Marketing

        07884 588 761

      Human Resources & Training

      • Payal Puri

        HR Manager

      • Chris Moller

        Training Manager

      Head Office Manager

      • Louise Wiggs

        Office Manager

      • Sue Davis

        Group Financial Controller

        01992 703 671

      • Joseph Rugambwa

        Finance Manager

      Therapeutic Services

      • Lene Vessey

        Head of MDT

      • Tessa Buckfield

        Lead Behaviour Analyst

      • Henrik Holgersen

        Positive Support Practitioner

      • Linzi Holt

        Positive Support Practitioner

      • Tessa Buckfield

        Lead Behaviour Analyst

      • Henrik Holgersen

        Positive Support Practitioner

        01256 812663