Making a referral

Are you trying to find a placement for an individual who may challenge other service providers? We can help.

Supporting national and local strategies for adults with autism

Liaise Loddon is successful where others struggle, especially when you’re looking for a placement for someone who has spent time in an assessment and treatment centre. You’ll find we work closely with authorities to make sure this is the right home for each individual. The mix of people in each house has to be right, so we don’t accept a referral just because we have a vacancy.

When you place someone with us, they stay for the long term – most of a lifetime in many cases. If the home they start in isn’t quite right, we don’t give up. We work hard to make sure everyone is happy and secure, making new arrangements whenever a new home opens.

You can help us meet people’s complex needs

Would you like to work with us on longer-term projects? We will be buying new properties so that we can tailor our service to people’s specific needs. You can help us, solve your placement problems and make sure the people you support get the care they need and deserve.

Statement of purple

You can download our Statement of Purpose which contains more information on our homes and service Statement-of-Purpose-v18 January 2020.

If you want to find out more, give us a call on 01256 812663 or email