Welcome to Marika House

Marika House is a home for seven adults, it has a real homely feel and all rooms are person-centered to reflect the individual needs and preferences of the people we support. Five people share the main house, whilst two others live in individualized annexes within the grounds.

Marika Lodge is a single occupancy bespoke built home which has been completely adapted to meet the needs of the person who lives there, and it has its own garden. Marika 3 is another bespoke home for one individual which allows her to lead a more independent lifestyle making her own choices and living life as she chooses.

There is a large garden with raised beds and a green house. Marika House enjoys plenty of outdoor space for activities such as music festivals, bike riding, BBQ’s and water play and much more.

All our residents access a wide range of activities within the community from shopping, bowling, cinema, trampolining, spa and sensory activities, nail and hair salons, going to public houses, tea rooms and much, much more.

The people we support are encouraged to be as independent as possible in their everyday lives. Our staff are trained to support people to make informed choices about their care and support to enable them to live happy and fulfilled lives.

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