Welcome to Glebelands

Glebelands is a spacious building situated in a peaceful neighbourhood community in Basingstoke. It is a three-bedroom house; all rooms are en-suite allowing for personal space, privacy and other person-centred activities.

Adjoining the house is a one-bedroom self-contained flat which is home to one of the four young people who live here. The rooms are spacious and decorated according to everyone’s needs. We promote healthy living and have exercise equipment for our individuals in the house. This is situated in the upper part of the very large hallway.

The atmosphere in the house is generally fun filled as we engage in a lot of indoor activities like bowling, dart board games and music. We have a communal dining area and lounge as well as a big garden divided into several areas that allows our service-users to play football and throw balls in the summer, but also use the swing or have quiet time when needed. The Garden also has a cabin used as a co-worker rest room.

Thanks to the efforts of our co-workers we now have a beautiful array of flowers and a small vegetable garden that our individuals are encouraged and supported to help maintain. Our staff room is well equipped to cope with the weather changes and provides co-workers with some rest time.

Glebelands co-workers won the first Liaise Loddon outstanding teamwork award in September 2014. Glebelands enjoys the benefit of cultural diversity as we have co-workers from various parts of the world. This enables our individuals to have a variety of experiences, for example, of food-tasting experiences and different cultural music.

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