How our extraordinary people help to build fulfilling lives

From day one to this day T had surprised us all with how happy he is and that, of course, has reflected on his behaviour.
As his Mother I had given up all hope of seeing T happy, contented, calm and living somewhere close to home. I cannot praise the staff enough. They have got to know T and his needs and foibles and whilst there is still the potential for challenging behaviour I have to say it seems a thing of the past. But, I feel totally confident that the staff would be able to deal with any incidents should they arise.

Hopefully, Sansa House will be T’s forever home.

Mrs D, T’s mum

Comments like Mrs D’s are what Liaise Loddon is all about. We know that what we’re doing is making a real difference to people’s lives.

In 1995, Tim and Marion Cornick started Liaise Loddon to make a real difference to the lives of people with autism. There weren’t nearly enough good adult care homes able to support people with autism, so they started their own.

Liaise Loddon was built on the principles of the Loddon School, a residential school for children with special needs, and PROACT-SCIPr-UK®. Marion was principal of the school until 2008. The children made great progress there and built strong relationships – but usually struggled to find good placements when they left.

When they started Liaise Loddon, Marion and Tim worked closely to implement the school’s successful programmes at Liaise, until Tim died in 2001. When Marion retired from the Loddon School in 2008, she took over Liaise as managing director. A real family business, their daughter Deborah joined Liaise in early 2002 to support the company after Tim’s death. She stayed, became the Business and Finance Director and has now taken over from Marion as Managing Director.

Family is about more than blood ties though, and the senior management team is definitely part of the Liaise family. Many have been with the company since it started, and have been key to its growth and development. Everyone at Liaise cares deeply about the people they support. They are very successful in finding and developing some of the best care workers in the world.

Marion, Tim and their colleagues wanted to give the people they support the best possible care and the power to make their own positive, if limited, decisions. Their dream was to create communities that allowed the people they support to live happy, full and rich lives as independently as possible. They also wanted them to have access to the society we all take for granted.

I am incredibly happy with the way that Liaise Loddon look at each individual and assess their needs. The company always seems to be looking at ways to improve their service and also how they can improve the quality of life of the service users.

A Parent

The staff, managers and directors of Liaise Loddon are always looking for new ideas and strategies to broaden and strengthen the lives of the individuals in their care.

A Parent

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