The new homes at Oakley are currently being modernised and updated to the high level standards that we expect in all of our homes

5 Kennet5 Kennet rear

They are smaller than normal homes and are bungalows ideal for one or two people depending on needs.

We were told about them by Dave and Andy, our usual builders, and one of the attractions was that they are adjacent to each other and it is rare that the opportunity to purchase two properties like this arises.

The other attraction was that one was empty and the other had a tenant whose lease was ending and so this made the purchasing process easier – although it never seems to be as smooth as you think it should be.

Almost inevitably though any new property requires some alteration and refurbishment to bring it up to the standard to give the right environment for the people who will be living there. Windows often do not meet the required safety standard and the kitchen, flooring, heating and electrics need improving. For these properties we are replacing windows and doors, kitchens and boilers.

In one, we are installing a second bathroom which meant altering drainage to suit. Both will also have nearly all new flooring too. The windows will have integral blinds to give better privacy and remove the need for curtains.

We need to make the properties safe and installing fire doors and smoke detectors even though the properties will be staffed 24 hours per day.

We are also making improvements to the boundary fencing to improve security, so that the individuals living there can safely use the garden unaccompanied, and give some additional privacy. Initially there will be a low fence between the two rear gardens but in time we hope to be able to remove this to open the space up and provide a good area for everyone to get outside and share the space.

Both properties have garages and one is being converted to an office and the other a laundry room. There is on-site parking for both properties and with adequate other parking facilities nearby if required.

Fortunately we have already secured agreement for two new people to come to and live in these properties and hope to secure a third soon which would mean we will have filled the available places ahead of them being ready.

One person is going to have one of the bungalows to themselves so that they can have the space that they need to have a great live with us at Liaise. We are already starting the transition process for one of their new neighbours.

These new properties are being managed by Andy Key, who currently manages Baytrees, and recruitment is underway to have staff in place for when new people move in.

We are in the process of purchasing another property near Southampton and there will be more on that in the future.

Liaise is Growing!

This is going to be an exciting year for Liaise.

At the end of the year, we bought two adjacent bungalows in Oakley, Basingstoke and we are now in the process of converting them for 3 or 4 individuals. 5 Kennet
It will take us a couple of months, along with obtaining registration from CQC.
Alongside expanding the total number of people we support from 39 to 43, we will of course, be growing our dedicated and skilled workforce.

All of the people we support need one to one care during the day and waking night staff, it means that to support one person, we need to employ a minimum of 4.5 people – often more! So, for a 4 person home, that up to 20 new co-workers.

Some of these will be day support workers, some of them will be people to work at night. We will need to add in new senior staff for the home along with support staff.

5 Kennet gardenSo, with these new homes, we will be employing nearly 250 people locally in Basingstoke and Romsey. Most of these are care workers and specialists in supporting people with learning disabilities and autism.

However, with an organisation with this many people, we need to also have good “back office” people providing support in recruitment, learning and development, training, finance, payroll, health & safety, IT management, business planning, communications and many others things that are essential to keep organisations going (and moving forwards).
For referrals for these new small, personalised placements, please get in touch with us here

And if you are interested in working at Liaise as we continue to grow, keep an eye on our Facebook page and our website recruitment pages.

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What does being a support worker at Liaise Loddon mean?

The individuals who live at Liaise Loddon have complex needs and restrictive behaviours but this does not mean that they cannot do anything for themselves.

Support workers at Liaise Loddon encourage the service users to be as independent as possible and only assist/support with a specific part of a task if they cannot do it alone.  They can do this in a number of ways such as –Liaise Loddon Preview (LowQ) (ICC) (15)

  • Supporting people to learn by showing them how to do it. Using the least prompts required and increasing the support if needed.  It may take more time but the satisfaction received once the task is done will be rewarding and motivational.
  • Letting them be involved in every part of every task and if they need help, they will indicate this using their preferred form of communication.

It is important to promote choice and control for people who need care and support; they should be enabled to do as much as possible for themselves.  Where there is a risk to health or safety, it is important to think of ways that the person can be supported to maintain their independence rather than preventing them from doing the things they want.  The sense of achievement can be enhanced when we are praised by others so we always offer praise at all times.

We always remember what The Code of Conduct for Health and Adult Social Care Support Workers states:

That we must:

  1. Protect the rights and promote the interests of individuals, key people and others.
  2. Strive to establish and maintain the trust and confidence of individuals, key people and others.
  3. Promote the independence of individuals while protecting them as far as possible from danger or harm.
  4. Respect the rights of individuals while seeking to ensure that their behaviour does not harm themselves, key people or others.
  5. Uphold public trust and confidence in health and social care services by protecting individuals from abuse, neglect and harm.
  6. Be accountable for the quality of our work and take responsibility for maintaining and improving our knowledge and skills.
  7. Take responsibility for how we communicate with and on behalf of individuals.

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